London-based brand Percival knows a thing or two about sharp dressing. Percival is an expert in minimalist clothing with a touch of fashion and creates exclusive collections from international fabrics, the best craftsmanship and a true understanding of men’s fashion.

As the ultimate specialist in giving people what they want, Percival’s recent midsummer collection focuses on the qualities we love from dog days, namely spending time outdoors.

The mid-summer collection was born out of admiration for the former collector and is distinguished by elaborate embroidery, muted neutral colors and luxurious clothes, which will be the salvation for every man in the hottest months of the year.

The Percival midsummer collection is ideal for elegant leisure, resort or picnic clothes and makes it a point to look good. This article breaks down ten pieces we love that will get you through the wetter months without breaking a sweat.


Inspired by a walk in the woods, Percival’s midsummer collection tells the story of a collector. I know what you are probably thinking: the hunter-gatherer seems to be far away, but trust me when I say that reconnecting with these roots has a powerful effect.

Imagine that you are wearing clothes that motivate you to spend time in the sun. I’m not saying that you should start looking for food, but maybe a look at the leaves adorning your sleeves will remind you to get some fresh air.

Percival’s Spring Summer 23 collection consists of unique pieces depicting forest scenes through tapestry embroidery. Mighty rivers, lush trees, rosebuds and cozy huts. It’s everything that summer should be, woven into the fibers of each piece.

Brimming with short-sleeved buttons, cool T-shirts, sturdy shirts and lots of bed linen, the midsummer collection offers everything you need for a hot July and August. With style, we might add.

Are you ready to rediscover your roots? Keep reading to immerse yourself in everything the midsummer collection has to offer.


Your grandmother’s favorite blanket meets the sophisticated nature lovers in this plaid shirt with a Cuban collar. Beautiful enough for any smart casual function, while adding a little zest to your outfit, this linen button-up is a perfect match with chinos for a polished warm-weather look.

Her head is spinning in just the right direction, with subtle pops of color interwoven with sophisticated embroidery in forest scenes.

In addition to faithful chinos, combine this shirt with airy linen trousers, tight trousers or bright shorts. For shoes, consider a classic loafer or nautical shoes, equipped with a five-panel hat for a skater look and a leather belt for the cocktail hour.


If the Italians did seersucker, it would look something like this. This textured button-down shirt made of high-quality cotton will be your favorite summer shirt. For more pleasant occasions, it is an elegant option that will keep you cool even in deep August. In addition, the cut is slightly relaxed, which means that the hot fabric does not stick to the skin.

Stick to the yacht capri style and wear this polo shirt with light trousers, linen shorts and leather sneakers or docksiders. Perfect for summer dates, office wear in July, pool parties and cookouts, this shirt is as simple as it looks, even if you have actually tried very hard.


Crochet is all the rage these days, and if there’s one thing Percival does well, it’s a classic interpretation of a Moderna trend. Although it is the recent fashion, this crochet shirt is timeless and tends to have a distinctive retro look.

It’s something you’d find in the back of your favorite uncle’s closet; he probably used it at bowling alleys in the seventies.

The crochet itself is a work of art, which makes this shirt an eye-catcher for every summer outfit. She is smarter than the average polo shirt and looks stunning with laces and a leather jacket.

It’s the kind of shirt you want to pass on to your kids. That is, when you are done with wearing it to passed away as the crown jewel of your stylish casual wardrobe.


There’s nothing like a knitted polo shirt. Even better if it’s a knitted polo shirt with a zipper. This shirt is a casual piece of clothing for the summer and is easy to put on or keep relaxed. The loose knit construction will give you plenty of air to breathe even on the most sultry days, that is, no sweat pits. And the circular zipper, the discreet pocket and the light texture prove that the shirt is a cut above the rest.

This shirt is available in Navy and mint colors and has a longer fit than the average Lacoste polo shirt. If you wear it with shorts, it is better to style it from the inside.

Or wear it baggy with tailored khaki or linen pants and a pair of suede slippers. Ideal for the office or under a light summer suit, this knitted polo will easily become the center of your summer rotation.


For cooler evenings or more pleasant events, we love this Percival Overshirt as a replacement for a light jacket or flannel.

The opal sapphire color gives it a luxurious feel, as does the camp-inspired embroidery. It looks just as comfortable with dark denim as it does with pants, so don’t be afraid to get creative as you pull out this piece.

The devil is in the detail of this overshirt, which shines through the patch pockets and elaborate seams. The combination of the forest vegetation with the sky-sapphire fabric gives an otherwise tactical garment a pure summer air.

This high-end overshirt is reminiscent of classic workwear and is the not found link for every extraordinary summer outfit.


What is a warm-weather wardrobe without linen shorts? This pair from Percival’s midsummer collection will get you through the hottest days without a drop of sweat in sight. Equipped with an elastic waistband, drawstring closure and of course pockets, these shorts are made for lounging, chatting, going to the beach… they call it.

The linen shorts with a comfortable and relaxed fit are provided with very light tree prints on the front and back of the garment. Wear them with crisp white T-shirts, bright polo shirts or an oxford and slippers for a polished look.


If there’s one thing we love Percival for, it’s his linen suits. This warm-weather outfit is available in five neutral colors (including the Obama #suitgate2014 Tan) and flatters the next level. It will take you through all the summer weddings that are on your calendar without you wanting to tear it down once you have found your place.

Made of lightweight linen, these suit trousers are more than breathable and feature subtle details such as a staggered button closure and a slightly fitted fit.

Pair them with the matching fitted blazer, a pressed white button and polished leather derbies. You will quickly realize why this is considered the best linen suit on the market.


Following in the footsteps of the matching trousers, this tailor-made blazer completes the perfect linen suit. With a regular fit, the jacket is as classic as it looks with an airy material and a light lining.

Whether you are going to weddings in Positano or to Palm Beach galas, this suit jacket will take you with style. We are especially big fans of the navy sapphire color combination, with a light sapphire button or a knitted polo shirt and a pair of leather shoes.

But the same suit in forest green will give a unique touch to summer clothes, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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