When it comes to cool men’s shoes, how do you get on with it? Are you a certified Sneakerhead? Or do you prefer to wear your things in classic black oxfords? Whichever way you swing, if you’ve been reading this, you’re probably a big Fan of shoes.

But just because your favorite Instagrammer has thousands of pairs, doesn’t mean you have to flip those kind of numbers. In fact, I highly recommend that you optimize your collection for a much more manageable Rotation (that you will actually wear).

To make it easier for you to buy shoes, I guide you through the brands that you should look for. In addition, highlight the indispensable styles that are worth the money.


Do you know your Tops from your hiking boots? How about your moccasins and your shoelaces? In this guide, I will introduce you to the names of the best shoemaking brands (some of which you may have heard of, others not).

From Axel Arigato to Nike, find out where to buy cool men’s shoes and what styles to include in your wardrobe.


Using the best old-school materials and techniques, Oliver Cabell has been offering fresh minimalist shoes since 2016. Best of all, they did it without unnecessary mark-up and are completely transparent about the cost of manufacturing each pair. This way the customer (i.e. you) gets really cool shoes at a much fairer price.

From sneakers and slides to loafers and dress boots, the brand offers a rather impressive portfolio. Each style offers you a range of outfit options, whether you’re dressing up for work or for the weekend. The Low 1 is perhaps the most popular design, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand why. Elegant, versatile and made of Italian leather, it can be worn with anything, from Shirts and Polo shirts to Cargo Pants and Jeans.


If you are aware of your sneakers, Axel Arigato does not need to be introduced. The avant-garde brand has been one of the pioneers of the footwear sector since its creation in 2014. They don’t follow the norm, but use an innovative fall calendar to release a new style per week (so that your next sneaker fix is never too far away).

The dice Lo is a great everyday shoe, but with enough class to take you to the Bar for dinners and outings. It is made of leather and placed on branded soles made of partially recycled rubber.


In July 2016, Lucas de Gispert and Alberto Espinos were on a 25-day trip through Thailand. After endless hours of wandering, her shoes had collapsed. Realizing that there was a market for travel shoes that looked good but could withstand life on the road, they founded Tropicfeel. Determined to meet the needs of modern travelers, they now offer a wide range of Terrain sneakers with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

The Geyser is the brand’s first travel shoe to combine thermoregulatory recycled wool and a technical waterproof membrane. As the ultimate hybrid, they offer the protection of rain boots, the comfort of sneakers and the grip of hiking boots. And although they are designed for nature, they will look just as good in the city with their smart casual outfits.


By reading this List of the best cool shoes for men, you may discover a brand for the first time. However, Nike does not need to be introduced. As one of the largest and most iconic brands in the world, the sportswear giant constantly presents some of the best shoes in the world. And when it comes to essential sneakers, there is no better one.

The Free Metcon 4 is designed for guys who care a lot about functional fitness, whether they’re sitting on the Squat Rack or doing a few killer lunges. The chain-link mesh upper cools and bends as you sweat, while the midfoot and heel are supported to help you reach your personal best.

5. Aurélien

The Amsterdam brand Aurelien wants to prove that luxury does not have to make you bankrupt. With a strong emphasis on timeless style and craftsmanship, they use natural raw materials to create stylish essentials at an affordable price. In addition to knitwear and leather goods, there are Mediterranean-inspired shoes that bring the sun everywhere.

Essential for your next city break or your next tropical vacation, the beach moccasin is actually a luxury sneaker that combines with everything from pants to Shorts to khakis. Don’t worry if you don’t fly out soon, they will look as good as you are going to lunch or have coffee in the morning.


Minimalism, quality and comfort, Clae has been producing super cool men’s shoes since 2001. But they don’t just Offering make fancy shoes that will last a long time. They proudly use Upcycling as well as organic, vegan and innovative materials to reduce their environmental footprint.

From tops to water-repellent boots, their collection is full of versatile options. My favorite is the Porter-a slip-on style in perforated mesh that will accompany you from beach parties to backyard barbecues. It is breathable (so that your feet do not get hot), and the cork insole and the foam insole provide the comfort you need when you are standing for a long time.


Founded in 1908 as Earnest Woodford & Sons, Crown Northampton specializes in handmade shoes, including a collection of wearable sneakers that could almost pass for everyday shoes. All models are manufactured in the brand’s British factory using traditional British construction methods and local materials.

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