You know the feeling you get when you take off your pants and put on sweatpants after a long day? Imagine that deep sigh of relief that comes when you can finally move again. What if you could have this feeling when wearing jeans?

I know what you’re thinking about at this point… This is impossible! Jeans as comfortable as sweatpants? You’re talking about a daydream. But there is a brand that has turned this crazy idea into reality.

Here is the Dynamic Stretch collection from Mott & Bow, a line of jeans that you will never want to take off again.


Mott & Bow was born out of necessity. Sure, there were a lot of nice jeans on the market, but few were affordable enough for the average Joe. By creating an unbeatable balance between quality and price, Mott & Bow has brought luxury jeans to the masses without the traditional retail margin. Handmade and family owned, you will have a hard time finding a denim as reliable as this one, made by artisans with unsurpassed comfort, as the brand has been doing for over thirty years.

While all this background is incredibly touching (we love a good business story), Mott & Bow is best at giving people what they want: comfortable jeans. The Dynamic Stretch collection has been designed for everyday comfort, from the sofa to the office and everywhere in between. These jeans are twice as elastic as typical jeans and are considered the “most comfortable ever”, without sacrificing the classic look and feel of our favorite pants.

Are you ready to dive into the Dynamic Stretch collection? These are the four jeans that we can not do without.


Give up sweatshirts for wooster jeans from Mott & Bow, an ideal alternative to sportswear. These pants have a dynamic elasticity of 35%, which means that it moves with you (instead of against you). Made of thicker denim, they are a great choice for autumn and winter clothes with a flattering fit that will easily take you from the skate park to the lounge.

When it comes to styling wooster jeans, it’s hard for you to think about how versatile the pants are. Keep the class going with a white t-shirt and leather sneakers or dress it up with a blazer and a pair of polished derbies. No matter how you wear your Wooster jeans, it’s a pair of pants that you can’t take off the second you get home.


The basic jeans from Mott & Bow live up to their name. One of the most reliable garments a man can own, these ultra stretch jeans are carefully crafted from Italian denim for the softest trousers imaginable. The average weight makes it a smart choice for year-round wearing with an enormous elasticity of 32%. That’s right, get out your best dance moves, take a bike ride or wear them on a date. These jeans will take you where you need to go in style.

These high-end jeans feel luxurious without getting an exorbitant price. Just wear them with your favorite hoodie and a pair of tops or wear them to elegant casual events with a button-down shirt and a pair of evening shoes.


Sturdy denim and four-way stretch are usually not found in the same judgment. But there you have it, Mott & Bow has done it with their Broome jeans, a reliable option that will make you forget that you are wearing denim at all. The elongation factor is higher (at 37%), with a medium-weight construction for a high-quality feel. Because Broome is stretchable in all four directions, the material stretches horizontally and vertically, much like your trusty lululemon joggers.

Although they look like sportswear, these jeans have an elegant look that just goes with everything you have in your wardrobe. Wear them for a walk with a logo T-shirt and sneakers, or accentuate them with a sports coat and monk straps – especially the dark sapphire color. Thanks to their comfort, these jeans are the ultimate travel companion, ideal for long air travel and exploring new cities in style.

4. Mercer SLIM JEANS

Finally Mercer pants from Mott & Bow are our first choice for summer jeans. They are not part of the Dynamic Stretch collection, but they are a reliable alternative to conventional denim with over a dozen fascinating colors to choose from. And they still have a lot to offer you, so you will never feel trapped when wearing them, especially in hot weather.

Since denim has a casual connotation, Mott & Bow jeans may not be the best choice for office or business casual wear. However, Mercer jeans are available in about fifteen neutral colors to replace your dull khakis with worthwhile pants. These jeans made of breathable twill are ideal for summer clothes. And with the characteristic comfort elasticity, they provide unreal elasticity to keep you relaxed while traveling or long cocktail hours.

As soft as your favorite pajamas, the Mercer jeans are an upscale basic that every man should invest in. Wear them every day to summer weddings, stylish leisure events and in the office. You may even forget that you have pants-they are so good.


The nice thing about Mott & Bow jeans is that you can style them just like any other pair of denim. No one needs to know that they are extremely stretchy and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to casual style, you can’t go wrong. Wear the dynamic stretch collection from Mott & Bow with plain t-shirts or polo shirts, logo hoodies and any kind of sneakers, especially if you handcuff the ankles.

For a more sophisticated look, choose Mott & Bow jeans in a darker wash and combine them with a sports coat, an ironed button-down shirt and a shiny pair of evening shoes. This style is well suited for office clothes, stylish or casual dress code. After all, you no longer have to choose between sharp appearance and comfort.


Ultimately, Mott & Bow should be your first port of call when it’s time to buy a new pair of jeans. The Dynamic Stretch collection is not only incredibly beautiful, but also revolutionizes the denim game. With as much comfort as sportswear and the classic denim look, Mott & Bow denim is designed to accompany you wherever life takes you.

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