It’s no secret that wearing glasses can rain on your runway when it comes to style. Unlike watches or ties, glasses are the only accessory that usually stays the same, even if you alternate between different outfits, days and seasons. And if you have only one or two pairs (like the rest of us), you may feel that your appearance is limited to one track.

But what if there was a way to adapt your glasses to your most extravagant outfit even once? What if there was a way to do this without having to invest in dozens of expensive corrective lenses? Because let’s be real who actually has the space to store more than 5 glasses.

Gentleman, the solution to your problem and the savior of boring outfits: glasses. A brand that is revolutionizing the game of glasses by allowing you to focus on your personal style-without spending few of dollars on it. If you are no longer limited by the same boring frames, keep reading to find out how to customize your glasses with a pair for hot temperatures and beyond.


The mission of Pair Eyewear is to make eyewear an extension of your personality. Instead of staring at the same specifications day after day, the innovative upper frames lead to personalized glasses in a matter of seconds.

In addition to hundreds of colors and patterns, the brand also offers a variety of sun hats that turn ordinary glasses into sunglasses. With fair prices and endless possibilities to customize your specifications, Pair is a game changer, one goal at a time.

Since the sun has already returned vigorously this season, read on to learn how to make individual glasses for an effortless summer style with a pair.


Basic frames are exactly what they sound like: the basic elements of personalized glasses. It is basically a standard pair of glasses, similar to an optician.

Paire offers eight simple men’s frames in different shapes and six neutral colors, so you can easily find the ones that match your style.

If you’re not sure what to choose (or where to even start), start with the virtual trial version of Pair, which connects to your device’s camera and lets you scroll through the various basic frames. This feature is awesome because you can see how the glasses look on your face from the comfort of your home. You can also test the different color options to get a complete picture before buying.

The basic frames include standard corrective lenses-there are no hidden costs here. We are big fans of Clear Otis and Turtle Soto for Spring and Summer. Both radiate the carefree attitude that can make every summer cut shine. In addition, clear and tortoise are exceptionally easy to combine with monochrome or different-colored outfits.


If you have chosen a reliable set of basic mounts, choose a lens option that suits your needs and preferences.

In addition to single-vision corrective lenses, Pair also offers progressive lenses, reading glasses and non-prescription glasses, so you can enjoy the brand customization even if you have a twenty-twenty vision.

All glasses are included in the cost of the basic frames, with the exception of progressive lenses, for which there are additional fees. However, you also have the option to update your selected goals to make sure they work for you.

Choose from premium sapphire light filtering and light sensitive options to meet your individual vision needs. Light-sensitive glasses are especially practical in hot weather, as the glasses change color when exposed to UV radiation.

I always choose sapphire light glasses, considering how much time I spend on trendy beans (wink).


Ok, so you’ve got the glasses and you can finally see what you’re doing – it’s time to move on to the fun part: personalizing them with top frames. The upper frames are the real charm that you can combine, giving you an individual look with any glasses you choose.

The upper frames are colored or patterned skins that snap to your base frames to change the style of your glasses. You can think of these as interchangeable phone cover (but for your face).

This is the most affordable way to get dozens of options from a single pair of simple frames, which makes the glasses the ultimate accessory that you can wear all year round. Do you feel particularly happy on a Wednesday? Hang shiny executives and you have a brand new man. Turn different colors over the course of the week or choose a bold pattern to brighten up a special occasion.

Paire offers hundreds of frames to choose from, from ultra-minimalist to limited collections. To accessorize outfits for warm weather, take a look at top frames such as slate DIP stain (ideal for minimalists), navy sapphire gingham (serious picnic atmosphere) or the exclusive Van Gogh Jubilee top frames that say: “I’ve grown from head to toe.”

Do not be surprised if your glasses are the new topic of conversation for any outfit.

STEP 4: Do not forget about the SUN

Regarding glasses in warmer seasons, we would not mention the sun. I mean, you could action between two drinks every time you go out. Or you can make it easier for yourself with the solar altitudes of Par.

Instead of having special sunglasses, sun hats snap into the pair’s base frames to turn the glasses into shades in a split second. There are tons of options to choose from, so you can easily customize them to fit your daily look.

The sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses and a scratch-resistant coating, which makes them ideal for everything from your next spontaneous road trip to a lazy Sunday afternoon on the beach. The convenience is second to none, and this system allows you to have dozens of prescription sunglasses for the price of a single traditional pair.

Classics will appreciate the standard black sun tops, while more expressive men have options like the black and white sun tops with eye-catching orange lenses or the eye-catching wood grain sun tops for a natural, warm look.

If you prefer to opt for traditional sunglasses, Pair is also there for you in this department. Pair sunglasses are available in all basic frames and iconic color combinations of the brand. But you can also choose the color of the lenses, which are available in polarized, reflective, single vision or progressive.

Ultimately, Pair Eyewear allows spectacle wearers to showcase their unique personality. They’ve made eyewear a coveted accessory, and we’re proud to announce that four eyes is this summer’s hottest fashion statement.



Since Pair offers so many options in the upper frame department, it’s a breeze to turn your glasses into the most fashionable accessory of the season.

To really make a splash with your glasses this summer, you should combine the top frames with similar shades in your clothes, shoes and outfit accessories, such as belts or bags. This results in a stylish, put-together set that makes your glasses a topic of discussion instead of a horror.

To really stand out, choose shiny top frames like Classic Red or Split Matcha, which are easy to combine with colorful accessories. Or keep things subtle but interesting, with options like wood grain or black batik frames for a narrower back, monochrome looks.


Instead of wearing the same generic sunglasses all summer, use Pair’s sun tops to spice up your UV protection. This innovative feature allows you to have several sunglasses at a fraction of the price, so don’t be afraid to stock up as the warm weather approaches.

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