Imagine the following: you have an hour of travel ahead of you and, as soon as you put on your work shoes, you already feel them forming bubbles. As if the collared shirt wasn’t tight enough, your toes will get tight when you cross the city streets with a silly laptop bag swinging on your hip, cramping your style out of place. If this sounds like your daily struggle, it’s time for a contemporary update.

Pedro Shoes is changing the game with some products that are suitable for the Moderna gentleman. Not only will you save your daily commute, but Pedro has done his best to pioneer off-road shoes and accessories that serve as interesting additions to your outfits, instead of being an obvious eyesore.

If you are ready to find a solution to your wardrobe problems, we have gathered ten of the best shoes and bags that Pedro has to offer to improve your style and, above all, your comfort.


While Pedro has a lot to offer (the brand has always been around since 2005), our choice here at Fashionbeans is the Hybrix series. The new Hybrix line has been developed as the ultimate off-road shoe and attaches special importance to functionality without sacrificing style. The Moderna shoes’ soles are thicker than your standard shoes and offer a Moderna fashion statement and incomparable comfort, ideal for the modern gentleman.

The selection in this list shows some of the best that Pedro has to offer. Firmly rooted in the essence, these shoes and accessories are a reminder that your daily needs never have to be boring.


It’s time to send these marked times to hibernation and replace them with a pair of Moderna boots. These Hybrix leather lace-up shoes maintain the work boot style with a contemporary update. Using contrasting colors and off-road soles, they laboriously wear them from the city streets to the construction site.

Dress up with black jeans and a cool oxford or keep it casual with a pair of cargo pants and a graphic hoodie. No matter how you style these bad boys, they will be your new favorite when the cooler weather arrives.


For work, summer events or casual spots at the park, Pedro’s Penny Hybrix loafers are a cut above the rest. They are more relaxed than most evening shoes and at the same time maintain a noble appearance, so don’t be afraid to unpack them to get more beautiful plants in your busy schedule.

Combine them with trousers or chinos for a definitive elegant look, which is enhanced thanks to the thick soles of the shoe. Otherwise, in the summer it’s easy to get away with wearing them with shorts (especially the white color scheme) as a sophisticated replacement for sandals.


Utility sandals are the new pool slides, and this pair from Pedro will get you through the warm months with ease. These summer shoes are more practical than flip-flops and also look better. They have an extra thick sole for all upcoming adventures. Whether you wear them at the beach or on off-piste trails, these water-repellent sandals are ready for anything.

Designing strappy shoes for men can be a little silly. So if you feel stuck, put them on with a pair of khaki or cargo shorts or use them as a replacement for nautical shoes. Although they can be a bit casual when it comes to country club clothes.


I have a feeling that unique sneakers are getting harder and harder to get, that’s why we love these steps from Pedro. They combine a classic silhouette with a cool two-tone sole to support everyday clothes, without spoiling the look of the shoe. The stylish nature of these sneakers cannot be denied, and they are also much more comfortable than the average pair, thanks to the ultra-padded midsole.

Wear them with business casual outfits or jeans and a white T-shirt. They will surely be the topic of conversation for every outfit you have put together.


Here are the fashionbeans, we love a good cut sneakers. In fact, we seem to be absolutely above them. They are versatile, fashionable and have a portability that can never be replicated, no matter how hard other tennis shoes try. The Owen Court sneakers by Pedro combine with everything we like most about style. They also feature a two-tone construction, a subtle color stripe and statement soles for a Moderna update.

You can easily get away with it even in the office and at elegant casual events. You look as at home in a suit as with trousers and a polo shirt, so don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to designing Owen Court sneakers.


If you’re more of a traditionalist, Pedro’s high-court sneaker has a classic basketball configuration made of high-quality nylon and microfiber. With a unique lacing system, heel pull tabs and a paneled design, they are an outstanding choice in the contemporary sneakers department.

Suitable for more casual clothes, combine these high tops with jeans or shorts, work jackets, flannel or, of course, your favorite sports T-shirt (go Celtics!).

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