Just imagine the amount of data produced by the 2000s. Well, I’m not saying that I went through everything to get the top fashion of the 2000s for men’s trends that you need to know. But I digested the nuances of men’s fashion of the 2000s using both the memory of my childhood / adolescence and extensive research on the Internet. All this for the sake of the reader.

Confused as to what this decade could bring from a fashion point of view? Think shell chains, leather bracelets, striped T-shirts, glow sticks, Baggy jeans, spiky hair, rimless sunglasses, flip phones, chunky skate shoes, wallet chains, geek cardigans, indie music, Ripped jeans, Fedoras, Pokemon, Nintendo DS, Rave sunglasses, Piercings, mascara, Zoey Deschanel, Justin Timberlake, Alexa Chung, David Beckham, Brad Pitt,

The clothing trends of the 2000s are back, guys. If you want proof, you just know the iconic Nike Vomero 5 that was relaunched at the end of last year, people use Nikon Coolpix digital cameras and Baggy/Bootcut Jeans are in it. What I have tried to describe these trends is to give you as many opportunities as possible to adopt them in your own style.


This style guide will guide you through the only 2000s clothing trends for men to know in 2023. however, TL;DR, here is a highlight of some products that are tickets for the spaceship on its way to the year 2000. Gramicci’s cargo pants have a very good Y2K skater quality and are somewhere between Gorpcore and modern Streetwear.

A Percival mustard is a must. For a casual and uplifting dose of double Denim, opt for an Axel Arigato jacket and Jeans combo. And finally, you will be transported directly to 2004 with a pair of rimless Versace sunglasses.


Denim is good. It is durable, chic, timeless and casual. It can be dressed up or down. We all know that Denim is iconic. So double Denim is doubly good, Right? Well, hang on to your nails, because although it is a popular fabric of almost all eras, the zero years really opted for men’s Denim, often opting for a surplus of material. There are a lot of things to know about the Denim of this era, so let’s choose the best pieces so that we can incorporate them into your Arsenal of styles.

Let’s start with the downright daring: the boiler suit. There is a 25% chance that you will succeed. But if you can, your style and praise will be immediately superimposed. Wear it during the warmer months, roll up your ankles and put on white Air Force 1 (or other white sneakers). Is it double Denim? Technically, it’s one piece, but it’s twice as much Denim as you normally dare to wear, so do the math.

Do you want a smart and relaxed approach? Try dark jeans with a slightly washed Chambray shirt. It is a Canadian tuxedo that lives up to its nods to evening wear. Are you looking for the epitome of a modern approach to the Jeans and jackets trend of the 2000s? Axel Arigato’s Double Denim Set has volume and good vibes galore. Maybe a little more reserved and relaxed? Haikure’s tie and pants combination is perfect.


This jumpsuit is preppy in a square. A marriage of preppy objects that only the 1990s could have ordered. I contacted Reddit to get some style advice on the subject (not always recommended, but it turned out to be fruitful here). First of all, the color matches between the Polo shirt and the button-down shirt are recommended. This makes the slightly extravagant aesthetics less.

Speaking of extravagance, one user pointed out the proximity of the double collar with a tie or an Ascot tie. I like the comparison, although unambiguously, on a random scale. In terms of style, the more buttons you open, the more noticeable the Polo Shirt will be, the more visible and sociable it will be. One user vouched for its practicality, because it protects the shirt from, and I quote“ “neck fat.”(My God, I’m nauseous.)

The natural starting points for polo shirts are Abercrombie (a arguable treasure trove of men’s fashion from the 2000s) and J Crew. You get bright and striped options while avoiding obvious branding. Closed also has no chest logo and a range of soft pastels perfect for summer. In the collared button-down shirt department, the stripes are obviously bolder than the university, so use this information as you wish. For a powerful Noughties style, wear it with matching jeans and a fossil lava stone bracelet.


Historically, loose cuts have prevailed in men’s clothing. High T-Shirts from basketball and Hip-Hop dominated the men’s clothing trends of the 2000s, especially in the United States. The Brooklyn T-Shirt from H&M is a great example of this.

Downstairs, of course, everything was ample. Since most people wore Jeans, let’s take a look at the best Baggy fashion of the 2000s for men’s trend-inspired Jeans. Axel Arigato gives a very polished and very wide counterpoint to the Stonewash Jeans popular at the time. Ripped Jeans were also important, and Closed produces a faithful modern reinterpretation.

4. tracksuits

The K-Pop mega-group BTS, a group from that time, looked at the boy band aesthetic of tracksuits. But if the full tracksuit is not enough for you, you can switch to velvet. Grab a classic pants and hoodie combo from Pierre.

If the names LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant mean anything to you, a Nike Pitchside kit is waiting for you to pay to the Milwaukee Bucks. Which, if you’re from the UK and you’re not interested in basketball (guilty), means that this is just one of the best Non-arguable tracksuits.

5. cargo pants

Backstreet’s back, okay? And cargo pants too. Their military history means that they are robust, camouflaged and pragmatic. The original men’s Fashion of the 2000s brought it back with less military power and more RnB/boy band infusion. Baggy cargo pants are ideal for navigating both the current style and the practicality of everyday life. In this sense, it is a dream mix of Gorp and Streetwear.

Stylistically, Gramicci is full of money. They are loose, they come with a hanging strap, they are built for outdoor activities, and they come in a range of tasty colors. Corridor NYC offers lightweight Ripstop pants in a pastel olive shade. For a modern and casual version, I wholeheartedly recommend Grant’s cargo pants.

Wear your cargo pants with a Percival Long-sleeved T-shirt and gorgeous Oakley slip-on shoes for a futuristic and retro Gorp look.


“And I wonder if you know… how it really feels… to be left alone outside… when it’s cold in here.”Yes, Left Outside Alone (what a music video) by Anastacia, released in 2004, is the unofficial soundtrack of the tinted sunglasses. She is the poster child of this particular fashion trend of the 2000s. As for the guys, we have David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and TI, who do not surpass Anastacia, but all of them also attract style.

Versace sunglasses have an iconic look from the 200s-Rimless, tinted and a little Bling. There was a brief moment when Borderless Technology really exploded (until Sven-Göran Eriksson stepped in). Today, Cartier has made the most of the style of sunglasses. On the side lined with sunglasses, Oakley brings a sportier touch, while the Shutter Rave sunglasses from the 80s revive their short stay.

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